Otolith - Current Projects

Otolith is currently involved in several exciting projects in speech and audio processing. Here is some information about what we're working on. Please don't ask for the names of our clients, or for confidential details of these projects, since we protect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. All of this information is made public with the permission of the clients.

Speech research tools

The client is a major developer of workstation-based signal processing tools and environments for acoustics research, particularly speech. The client was contacted by a third party, a developer of PC-based signal processing tools, offering to license the client's product and distribute a PC-based version. The client had neither expertise nor manpower to port the product, so they contacted Otolith. We have worked with both the client and the third party to generate a detailed specification of the ported product, and we are currently implementing the first prototype code.

Music effects processing

The client is a manufacturer of high quality music synthesizers, and desired pitch shifting and bending effects with higher quality output than the current state of the art. The client contracted Otolith to develop the algorithms. We have responsibility for the entire project, from basic research and idea generation through code development and test. We have delivered prototype versions of the effects algorithms, and are currently working on real time implementations.

Low bit rate speech coding

The client is a startup company, identifying markets and applications for very low bit rate speech coding, and contacted Otolith to provide technical support. We have provided survey reports of the current state of the art, generated innovative techniques for improving existing algorithms, implemented a selected range of these techniques, developed demonstration units, and performed experiments to measure performance. We are currently investigating additional techniques for improved quality and compression.

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Last updated 9 April 95