This is the Otolith home page. Otolith is an engineering R&D business in speech and acoustics, founded and run by Wil Howitt. If you're looking for information on speech and audio, or Web resources in audio, or just trying to figure out what does "otolith" mean, look no further.
Otolith offers comprehensive expertise in audio signal processing, including speech, audio, and music. Our role can cover basic research, conceptual development, project management, feasibility studies, literature searches, experiment design, and product development. Our involvement can be as small as a brief question-and-answer session, or as extensive as full project leadership. We have extensive connections with many of the leading figures (both academic and industrial) in speech and audio, as well as expert subcontractors. With fifteen years of experience in R&D for small start-up companies, Otolith is an ideal resource for anyone who needs answers to questions about sound.

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